Dating with padded bra Thai sex dating sites

I hate to be looked at my chest for having a small one.

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I'm single woman, way far past the 'puberty' stage, and I've very small breasts, and I'm blessed with a beautiful face with great lips, and a slender figure (I eat a well balanced, healthy diet with meat--except red meat -- and vegetables).Even other girls used to call me 'flat' behind my back !(I'd overhear them sometimes when they thought I was not around). My real friends, hearing other girls, advised me to get some padded bras, so I don't need to listen to such nasty comments from anyone.) and how I could let him know about my real figure, which I personally am not ashamed of,(no sleeping with guys until marriage = my church heart's stance on sex), but hate the attention from people for being of a certain size. The same goes for these so-called 'friends' of yours, male or female, who find it necessary to comment on your body parts. From your description, you're built like a model, so hold your head high and walk like one.How can I not wear the padded bra and still not feel odd in public, when I go on a date, or meet that gentleman ? With regard to emotionally abusive men: Why do you even bother? You say you have glowing skin, a beautiful figure, and a lovely face, so why are you concentrating on the one thing you perceive as a flaw?

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