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Click link in social media posts to enter, and must like our Facebook page (@Metropolitan Theatres) to be entered: Official Rules All Sweepstakes No Purchase Necessary Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) is sponsored by Metropolitan Theatre ("Sponsor").

Each grid square counts as one multiplier on each band it is worked. Final score: Multiply the total number of QSO points from all bands operated by the total number of multipliers for final score. Rovers only: The final score consists of the total number of QSO points from all bands times the sum of unique multipliers (grid squares) worked per band (regardless of which grid square they were made in) plus one additional multiplier for every grid square from which they successfully completed a contact. Rovers are listed in the contest score listings under the Division from which the most QSOs were made. Paper printouts of electronic files are not acceptable substitutes. Entries must be uploaded or postmarked no later than 0359 UTC January 31, 2019. Electronic entries must be submitted using the Once uploaded online via web app, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Rover vehicles with only one occupant are allowed to perform all functions listed above. A rover vehicle may transport only one station using a single call sign. These methods of spotting assistance may also be used to coordinate antenna peaking prior to initiation of the contact and to explain contest rules, such as the exchange required, for those who need clarification.

An operator may perform any or all rover functions, but a driver's function shall be limited to driving the vehicle. Any number of observers is also allowed, however observers may not perform any rover function at any time. Announcements shall be limited to call sign, location, band or frequency, mode and–if applicable–transmitting sequence and listening direction.

To enter, click link provided in post and fill out required entry fields.

And must like our page on Facebook (@Metropolitan Theatres). Entries that are late (including delayed data transmissions), forged, illegible, mutilated, incomplete, misdirected, or otherwise not in compliance with these Official Rules will be disqualified.

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