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“Eventually, I was dreading getting dinner with them because they couldn’t carry a conversation.” According to new research, Rochkind’s ideas about sexy bikini babes are correct.

Now, she’s more interested in “superballer” men with high-paying careers.“I still want someone who’s in decent shape, but it’s more important to find a guy who’s goal-oriented,” she says.“[Beautiful men] are very into their bodies and don’t really care about people that much, or make time for their family.” Megan Young, a 23-year-old p.r.“When men get to a certain age, they realize that it’s important to meet a life partner that they connect with,” she says.“Looks fade.” Some great-looking people say they’re given a bad rap unfairly.

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    Two weeks later, after high school graduation Vanessa enrolled in the Radio, TV & Film school at San Antonio College.

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    The reason we tell you this is that with such a variety of people to choose from, you're bound to find someone who you feel matches up well with you and your unique personality.