Dating single mothers bad

"If you assume that no one's going to want to meet your children, or be a father, or fall in love with you because you're a single mom, then they won't," Shearer says.

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Shearer became a single mom at 26, when her son was 4 months old.

First of all, you don’t to date, just because that’s what society, TV shows and glossy magazines expect of you.

When I was newly single after separating from the dad of my two kids, so many people asked me when I was going to “put myself out there” that I felt like getting a T-shirt printed that read, “Single mom: no desire (or time) to date.” Lots of other moms are single by choice, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

"So I tell [the moms I coach] that even if it doesn't work out, you know you were loved and it can happen again."Sometimes, she says, single moms can get stuck on fear, whether it's the fear that no one will want to date them or the fear that they'll always be alone.

But, they need to quiet the voice in their head that says that the people they date are only after casual sex or will run as soon as they meet the kids.

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