Dating peter pan

They are never fully fulfilled, they really can’t get no satisfaction … They are so few and far between that I’m starting to think they were just a figment of my imagination … Most of these Peter Pans that I know, deep down, are very unhappy.

Women who deal with the things that their Peter Pans can’t deal with.

If you don’t know who Peter Pan is, he is a kid that could fly and never grew up and spent his life getting into some sort of mischief on the island of Neverland with his friends. Well, during my dating misadventures I have met a lot who suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome.

He had a bit of a romance with Wendy and then her daughter apparently (because Wendy grew up), then there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ with Tinker Bell.

Jung used the term to describe a man who is identified with adolescent psychology, characteristics that are ordinary in a youth of eighteen but not in an adult.

There is a one-sided quality that goes with Peter Pan syndrome which can be understood as a failure to integrate the shadow.

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