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Over the next couple of days, we looked at all of the sites, checked all of our mileage and credit card point options, amended flight dates, and seriously considered 45 hour itineraries.

Luckily, we did find reasonable flights, and actually booked them this time (still paying about 30% more than what we would have a few months ago).

It also squandered emotional capital, i.e., it caused stress that affected our relationship, work, and quality of life.

And as an hourly professional, I lost actual money because I could have used that time on paid work.

First, however, let’s consider some hidden costs that nobody ever talks about in these “how to find cheap flight” articles. In my backpacking days, I would buy the cheapest ticket (which often had the longest itinerary and was on an ultra-budget airline), then hop off the plane and straight to the nearest bar/club/concert.

However, along with my alcohol tolerance, my body’s tolerance for sleep deprivation, discomfort, and time spent sans showering has decreased dramatically since my twenties.

Work backwards from there to book your main flights (where you typically have more options). you are going on this trip to surf til you drop and enjoy some hard-earned rest and relaxation.

And there are always unknown variables that can impede that goal.

If you travel a lot, consider airline credit cards (like the Delta Am Ex if you’re in the U. What is that airline’s reputation re taking care of boards?

S.) or credit cards that give you a lot of points for travel (my Chase Sapphire Preferred gets me on average 2-3 free plane tickets per year). Inadvertently going over the board/weight limit and arriving with a dinged board will dramatically increase the cost of your trip.

My partner and I just went through the pain and agony of booking our Christmas flights. Procrastinated, looked again, procrastinated a little more, and continued to push off making booking decisions for days, weeks, months.

The sticker shock triggered anxiety, regret, indigestion, a little resentment and finger-pointing, a whole lot of stress, and FINALLY some action.

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