Dating old photograph

The antique portrait shown above came to me recently in an unmarked box of vintage photos left behind by my grandmother more than 25 years ago.

Unfortunately, there was no one left in my family to help identify the hundreds of faces on the thousands of photographs in the box.

Patented in 1854, the ambrotype was made, packaged, and sold in portrait studios as the daguerreotype had been, but at a lower cost. The Ferrotype process (tintypes) was introduced in the United States in 1855.Over time, I came to realize how important the little things were in helping solve these riddles.I learned to pay close attention to what people were wearing, what they were doing, and what appeared in the backgrounds of the photos.Special photo albums were designed especially for cartes-de-visite.In the United States, the carte-de-visite played second fiddle to cheaper variations on the daguerreotype theme. View Ancestor Photo Albums | Identify Ancestor Photos: Types of Early Photographs | Hints for Dating Old Photographs | Dating Old Photographs through Clothing & Hairstyle | How Revenue Stamps Can Date Ancestor Photos Don't leave without searching for your ancestors on Olive Tree Genealogy!

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