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When signing up for a dating site, you want to trust that you can be matched with a good variety of like-minded singles.No one wants to deal with dozens of poor matches, or feel alone on an app they put time into.Like Ok Cupid and most other sites, you can determine basic search filters and message matches, but it’s centered around viewing profiles and their pictures one at a time and making quick judgments and moving on to the next.With a huge number of clients, OKCupid and Tinder are the most famous free dating applications by a long shot.

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Your personal wants when it comes to dating apps are the biggest factor here, but let’s take a quick general look at what Ok Cupid vs Tinder looks like.

I figured out the general demographics for each of the apps and compared the two.

With more than 10 million hits, clearly, Ok Cupid is a popular site to find love and affection.

Both Tinder vs Ok Cupid have free versions that be used all on their own.

There are no required payments to be made in order to view and interact with other members, which is a valuable thing to look for in a world of paid dating subscriptions.

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