Dating my physical therapist you dating skylar

Furthermore what they do is push you right up to the edge of “too painful” and hold you at a plateau until the area starts to goes numb.

They keep asking if it has gone numb yet and as it starts feeling a little bit better they press harder to keep the pain at the same level.

She’ll get in an argument over person first language, or using the “r” word. It might make you feel uncomfortable but she doesn’t care.

She’ll patiently wait for a response and won’t rush people along even if she's in a hurry. Don’t date an OT because she isn’t afraid to cause a scene. She might even tell the restaurant owner that the bathrooms couldn’t be accessed for someone in a wheelchair while you’re out at dinner.

I have a couple degrees in electrical engineering and I electricity going through my body.

I mean just a little bit of it which most people think of as “I can barely feel it” makes me very irritated.

She knows that disability is a minority group that anyone can join and in an instant your life can change.

So she won’t want to hear about how mad you are about your phone breaking or your other frivolous complaints. She has seen people who have lost it all and still have so much to give.

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