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Remember that genuine Murano glassworks are only produced in the island of Murano, Italy.

Murano is not a brand name, it is a physical location.

Silver and gold infusion is a special technique that is difficult to copy not to mention that quality raw materials are expensive, which makes replication hard.

Visit the beautiful island of Murano and see how the real Murano glass is created.

Look for the sticker of the artist, on which either the name of the artist or the name of the atelier is indicated.

Then go online and check where the artist is located.

The good news is that once you know the main characteristics of genuine Murano glass, you will be able to judge if the artwork is real or not.When people talk about Italian art glass or Venetian art glass, they are usually referring to the sculptures, vases, chandeliers and decorative glass objects made in the island of Murano, Italy.Murano is a small island in the lagoon of Venice, where the art of glassmaking has more than 1000 years of tradition.We at Murano Glass Italy are passionate about Murano glass and want to help the Muranese families to preserve their traditions.That is why we asked five of our Muranese glass masters to share with us how to identify their artworks.

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