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Or you have a monthlong international business trip coming up but haven't asked us whether we'd like to come for a weekend visit. But pretty soon you stop trying to impress us -- and we don't like that.If you picture us in your future, try talking about these things in such a way that we'll stick around for it. "Now that we're married, he never tries to 'win me' anymore," says one friend."So many people are conditioned to communicate through text messages that to receive a phone call or even an e-mail feels like a generously romantic gesture," says Kristina Grish, author of .Another thing: Don't include us in any mass texts you bang off to half the female names in your address book at 10 p.m., expecting one of us to come rushing out to meet you for the night. ' texts are generic, and when they're intended to specifically address them," Grish says.

It usually happens something like this: First, after 3 or 4 hours of silent abuse by me, my boyfriend starts to suspect something's up. But he raises a good point: Most of the time he has no idea of what sets me off.

We're happy to see evidence of your improvements at the gym, but we really don't need to know how much you can bench-press.

We also couldn't care less about your day rate, the price of your car, or the number of beers you once shotgunned in college.

It helps to throw out a hint at what's going on -- that you're tired, depressed, anxious at work, whatever, says Aline Zoldbrod, Ph. That way we won't obsess or be too pouty or aggressive.

If we happen to be fresh off a girls' night out liquored up and ready for sex, which you're refusing, tread extra carefully.

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