Dating jealous

Arab proverb once said “Love sees sharply; hatred sees even more sharp.

But jealousy sees the sharpest — for it is love and hate at the same time.” If she becomes jealous over you, the desire to have that which you’re protective about gradually escalates how much you value that person.

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She would just laugh at things no matter how stupid she looks like just to put out of sight her jealousy. Becoming clingy Who would want to let other girls stick around her boyfriend?

Jealousy is a normal emotion in which every person in this world experiences.

Girls get jealous about a lot of things because they can be possessive and territorial creatures.

How would you feel to have a girl green-eyed with envy and madly competing for you?

Jealousy might be a form of insecurity yet, it is also a sign of overflowing love towards the one you adore.

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