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Text adventure games are also referred to as “interactive fiction.” Interactive Fiction (IF) is actually a more accurate term for text adventure games, because these games can cover any topics, such as romances or comedies, not just adventures. Even though computers can now handle intensely graphical games, playing text adventure games can still be fun.It’s like reading a good book and getting lost in the universe of the story, except you become the hero or heroine and affect the ending of the story.Free offers several text adventure games, including the classic Scott Adams text adventures, such as Adventureland, which now has hints and solutions.

Haunt is a clone of the Haunted House games written for the TRS-80, mentioned earlier in this article.Web-Adventures has a special page listing text adventure games especially good for children.Adventure Games Live offers new adventure games you can play online for free.There is also a full step-by-step solution available on the site, as well as two other text adventure games and a Tetris clone, called Blox.offers a text adventure game, called Memoir Text Adventure, which is a simulation of life. During the game, you have relationships with virtual people, apply for a cool job, etc. You can now play a remake of the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game from 1984, released by Infocom, programmed by Steve Meretzky, and plotted by Douglas Adams himself.

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