Dating during a divorce in michigan

This same rule also applies to temporary alimony awards.Judges may award temporary child support or alimony while a divorce suit is pending to help a needy spouse cover expenses.In many other states, one spouse’s affair can be grounds for obtaining or increasing an alimony award.Even in states like Florida that don’t allow fault-based divorces, one spouse’s adultery can still lead to an increased alimony award for the innocent spouse.

In most cases, a no-fault divorce is the best option for divorcing spouses because it simplifies the process.In these states, alimony and property awards are often affected by one spouse’s fault.Specifically, a judge may increase one spouse’s alimony award if the other spouse had a number of affairs during the couple’s marriage and wasted marital funds on those trysts or engaged in domestic violence against the supported spouse.Learn more about the potential effects of a rebound relationship on your divorce case.Either spouse may file for divorce by submitting a divorce complaint, which is also referred to as a petition for divorce.

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