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It is later revealed that, as a child, Mikan is terrified of thunder and lightning, though Rito would always comfort her and lend his support despite getting scared by it himself.

Even though she says that he's only good at useless things (which was shown a couple of times in the series), Rito has proven to be useful at more life-threatening situations, and in To LOVE-Ru Darkness chapter 31 she admitted that he can be counted on when someone is in trouble.

As children, Rito and Mikan were very close, and Mikan still called him "Onii-chan".

Her brother complex may be the reason she rarely calls Rito "Onii-chan", less a lack of caring for him and more a sign of her wish that their relationship was something more respectable due to the sisterly reverence she has for him.

Or more likely it is due to feeling that, unlike Lala, Momo is gradually filling the place in Rito's life which belonged to Mikan.

This is how Mikan felt when she reflected on how Momo helps her with the cooking and laundry at home, gradually taking the wife-like position in Rito's life, which had always been occupied by Mikan.

She also states how she and Rito used to play together before Lala entered their lives.

Much like Yui, Mikan's also shown to be extremely fond of Rito's character due to the fact that he's the only genuinely nice boy she knows (as all the boys at her school always try and date her despite her constantly telling them that she doesn't want to).

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