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I view it as a massive positive, for a couple of reasons.

First, it means a better quality of articles in the directory and that we won’t be competing for directory space against spammers.

Recently I took a look at the top 10 article directories for affiliate marketers, and Ezine Articles was the clear winner, for the following reasons: The Ezine Articles submission guidelines and terms of use are comprehensive and incredibly easy to understand.

So much so that there is no point in me providing a detailed summary of them here.

” the answer is easy, I would not have the high quality backlinks or the traffic.

I would encourage other people to use ezine on a regular basis to help with traffic and rankings.

I’m confident that no other factors contributed to this as I tested the technique about 3 times with no other changes, and had an increase in ranking. Thanks for the very helpful article on Ezinearticles. I don’t have any personal experience to share yet however I am keen to give it a go. I have subscribed to your networked blogs and bookmarked it.

Although I know of the site I have had no experience with it. Thanks Thanks for your comments Dr Bill and David, glad you found it useful.

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I’d be interested to hear what others have found when using Ezine Articles – both good and bad.

I now receive some regular traffic from ezine and the quality of the backlinks are very high and considered as important backlinks by Google which is a huge bonus.

I often think, “What if I gave up after 2 edits and tried something else?

I find it a good source of preliminary research when I’m looking into a new topic area. Thanks for the time, care and thought you put into this blog post. Do you mean something like a traffic spike, different traffic sources, or new people commenting?

Lina – I agree that Ezine Articles can be a great source of information when researching a topic.

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