Dating an indian woman

Later that night when I came back home after the dance, my sister told me, ” He seems like a gentleman and I can see you’re happy with him.

I like him.” Nothing extraordinary about what she said and I didn’t technically need her approval to date David.

Wow, such a truly amazing love story and open minded parents.

Thank you for sharing your story Roshni and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

David had a lot of Indian-American friends, but none who had only recently arrived from India.

And I lived with my sister at the time while my parents lived (and still do) in India.

We’ve heard many stories where people have been less than delighted learning they have an interracial marriage within their family, and how they’ve actively expressed their discontent with irrational threats of disownment of said “sinful” (in their opinion) kin.

But lets hear the flip side of a such a relationship where things are quite the opposite.

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They never seemed to care about culture and/or religion when it came to the men we dated. I hope they’re okay.”, she sounded genuinely concerned. his Uncle’s family lives there but their house was unharmed. Over the next few months, I had Dave briefly chat with my parents over the phone/skype every once in a while.

We both ended up not discussing it further at the time.

Fast-forward a couple of months, David came home to pick me up for the University’s formal dance. A polite handshake, a smile, and a brief conversation later, I could see my sister’s skepticism alleviate.

But that was in India where most of everyone is Brown. If you heard them talk, you couldn’t tell David wasn’t their own son. Long distance dating was tough but not particularly horrible for us.

I wasn’t sure how they would react to the news of my boyfriend being Black. Wasn’t there a big earthquake there recently that destroyed a lot of homes? Fast forward a year, I have now graduated and moved to Washington, D. After 2 years, when David graduated, he secured his dream job in the same company I was working for.

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