Dating an emotionally guarded men dating sites hamburg germany

So please – for the love of your own sanity – don’t waste one more minute of your precious time and energy pursuing any of the above types of men who, for whatever reason, can’t give you what you want.

Trust me, with around seven billion people on this planet, there are so many others out there who’d go above and beyond to date someone like you.

But what are the signs that you should look out for?Late night booty calls and last-minute invitations tend to be signals that you’re on the bench, not the pitch. A similar character to the ghoster and the haunter, the slow-fader is probably the most common culprit of emotional unavailability.When I asked my male friends how they’ve ended things with women they weren’t that into, slow-fading was the most popular option by far (cowards).Blowing hot as the summer sun one minute, cool as a Canadian winter the next, such men are often referred to in the dating world as being ‘emotionally unavailable’.Whether they have deep-rooted commitment issues that, as yet, have been left unchecked, or they simply don’t want to place all of their eggs in one basket, the effect of emotionally unavailable men on you is the same: You’re left hopeless wondering a) what you did wrong and b) what you can do to win back his undivided attention and affection.

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