Dating an asexual person

A lot of times when asexual people confide in their allo partners like that, their partners can react really badly, sometimes even violently.

Most of us are neutral on the subject, with varying levels of willingness to be persuaded by a partner on occasion. You'll need to talk to her about that - this article is a pretty decent resource. totally get that it can be hard to get your head around someone caring about you romantically and still not being into you sexually.She's the first woman in years that I've dated that i feel like I'm legitimately falling for. Anyway, can anyone share their experiences and hopefully success stories of sexual people dating asexual people? Hoping someone can shed some light on how this could work. Tldr: I'm a sexual person and I'm falling in love with an asexual person. It can absolutely work, but it takes a lot of communication.I'm an ace in a very happy relationship with an allo guy.They can be totally, completely, head-over-heels in love without ever feeling one ounce of lust.I have been reading about asexuality since she told me and the last comment you made makes me feel better about the situation.

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