Dating age death sentence

Support for the death penalty has long been divided by gender and race.In the new survey, about six-in-ten men (61%) say they are in favor of the death penalty and 34% are opposed.

[32] According to a MADPET report from April 2011, of the 441 people hanged in Malaysia from 1960 to early 2011, 78 were convicted of murder. According to various human rights and news sources, drug trafficking crimes may compose the majority of death sentences in Malaysia, with murder generally making up the difference. There are educational differences in views of the death penalty.Adults who have a postgraduate degree are more likely to oppose the use of the death penalty in cases of murder (56%) than those whose education ended with a college degree (42%) and those who never received a postsecondary degree (36% some college experience; 38% high school degree or less). [2] As of October 2018, there were 1,279 inmates on death row in Malaysia, out of whom 932 were convicted for drug offenses and 317 for murder. [8] Amnesty International has corroborated executions (more than one) in Malaysia, but had insufficient information to provide a credible minimum figure. [18] - Repeat Offender: Attempted murder, if harm actually results, is punishable by death if the offender was serving a sentence of 20 years or more at the time of the offense. Unlawfully possessing firearms or explosives in a designated security area; and supplying, receiving, or preparing to supply or receive firearms in a designated security area, are punished by death. [17] - Weapons Trafficking: Trafficking in firearms, or possessing more than two firearms illegally, is punishable by death.

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