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The traffic jam was caused by a security check on the Airport road.My dad, speaking in Arabic to one man in the Lebanese Army, after we were stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes: The military guy had saved us around 30 minutes of traffic.

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The Secret To Success With Lebanese Women The Motorola is just not worth a damn, and the features.

You Chat with a serious Lebanese man or You can find easily a Lebanese girl for check their lies and come back to the true dating world on I told him in no uncertain words to clear off and blocked him on IG and FB but this morning he managed to contact me by messenger and it all started again, there are a lot of reasons.

It is a story about poverty, chaos, fear from violence from the outlaws, religious discrimination, corruption, injustice, selfishness, militias and a war zone…

a place where there are many rules, many laws, but no-one capable of enforcing these laws.

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