Cristiano ronaldo dating resume

That same year, Ronaldo also had to deal with controversies regarding his club transfer to Spanish giants, Real Madrid.

He eventually chose to stay with Manchester United and stressed to the public that he had no intentions of leaving the club.

Fresh from leading Real Madrid to victory in the Champions League and a short vacation aboard his luxury yacht in Ibiza, Ronaldo can add the title to his long list of titles — that is in case there’s still space.

For when it comes to football, nobody else aside from Lionel Messi owns as many honors as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano now lives with his cousin, Nuno and his brother in law Ze.

When he is not on the field, he is a very family oriented person.

Initially, he requested for the number 28 as his jersey number because he didn't feel that he could live up to the pressure of previous players such as George Best and David Beckham who wore the number 7 jersey.The other women in the restaurant were drinking and wanted their claws into him…He stood in front of me and said, look at how I dance, and he danced in a really sensual, sexy way.”“Forbes estimates that Portugal captain Ronaldo, who will be one of the biggest stars at Euro 2016 in France, earned a staggering million (£60.4m) last year.That puts him clear at the top of the American business magazine’s annual compilation of the world’s 100 highest-paid athletes — and it means he is again ahead of Barcelona rival Lionel Messi, with the pair having finished third and fourth last year.”Ronaldo is definitely on top of the world.He once threw a chair at one of his school teachers and got expelled for it. “He disrespected me,” says the lean and mean machine.While he claims to have a great sense of humor and a good heart, there is no predicting what Cristiano Ronaldo will do in any given situation at work or elsewhere.

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