Cool intimidating team names

Even the most star-studded roster can fall victim to underperformance, injury, benching, coaching changes, contract holdouts, touchdown vultures, the rise of a running back-by-committee ... Feel free to scroll right to those (if you haven't done so already). ; and b) here are some guidelines on coming up with an original team name that just might go down as the greatest in your league's history, inevitably lavishing you with fame and riches. Upon creating a team, you will automatically be assigned a team name placeholder.

Like many universities, Arizona State has no idea who came up with the name of its athletic teams.

It's clear evidence that more people need to major in history. With all the camels living in the United States, it's surprising that Campbell University is the only school in the country to adopt the camel for the branding of its athletic programs.

What is known is that in 1946 the school's moniker suddenly changed from the "Bulldogs" to the "Sun Devils." But who really cares who made the change? After all, a bulldog is a broad-shouldered, intimidating animal while a sun devil is a..... The teams are the Fighting Camels and Lady Camels, and the mascot is Gaylord the Camel.

(By the way, you can also do better than Brady at quarterback this year.)While Saquon Barkley is young, fresh and the top-rated player in all of fantasy, referencing a 1986 song by Lionel Richie with "Say You, Saquon" isn't exactly, as the kids of that era said, "hip to the scene."But you can also go too far the other way and be too timely. Joe Dalvin and the Chip Hunks Is this tortured word play? Is it a way to make a pun, predict your team will win the championship and compliment all of your players for being handsome in just five words and six syllables? Conner Among Thieves Hot Chubb Time Machine Kerryon My Wayward Son Stow Your Kerryon Forgive and Fournette Little Len Fournette Sony Side Up Cold as Guice Guice Infestation I Kalen Like a Wrecking Ballage Kalen Me Smalls Big Ballage Brand Davante's Inferno Forgot About De Andre Ob-La-Di, OBJ, Life Goes On Me and Julio Down by the End Zone jujulemon Turbo-Schuster It Tyreeks When Eifert A combo name if you have both Tyreek Hill and Tyler Eifert on your team. How I Metcalf Your Mother N'Keal Before Zod N'Kealin Me Softly Captain and N'Keal Andy Isabella the Ball DJ Chark Doodoodoodoodoo You probably shouldn't draft Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark.

No one is going to get why you named your fantasy team "The Feral Hogs" come September, let alone December. (Shrugs.) Some of the names are new, some you may have heard before, some you'll wish you had never read. For Goodness Saquon Say You, Saquon Oh Saquon You See King 'Quon A Scanner Barkley Kamara Borealis Instant Kamara Michelangelo's David Johnson Zeke Squad Zeke and Destroy Zeke and Ye Shall Find This Gurley's On Fire Le'Veon Let Die Le'Veon a Prayer Le'Veon on a Jet Plane Not Your Average Joe Mixon Mixon Match Mixontape Feat.

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