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Sometimes, you need to step back and ask if you’ve fallen into certain habits which you’ve numbed yourself to over time.So the first step towards any form of improvement is SELF-AWARENESS.Like I said earlier, there’s always room for improvement, and it’s definitely a good thing to know EXACTLY which areas can be improved.With that said, I want you to go over the following tip you can use to enhance your communication style: It may sound like the simplest thing in the world to say, but the fact is lots of perfectly adorable women have a hard time doing this.For example, you wouldn’t talk to your friends, family, colleagues, or elders in the same EXACT way would you?So don’t think that you’re being a phony by making an effort to speak in the same way that he does.That sense of being connected is what rapport is all about.Fortunately, it’s actually not hard at all to do this in your daily conversations.

It’s not that they WANT to be boring; they’re merely unaware of how to hold a conversation.

But that’s fine and dandy because the learning process is what makes us better women.

Now, one of the most common stumbling blocks to more romance in a woman’s life is a simple lack of conversational know-now.

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Everybody has sticking points, whether it’s work, relationships or life in general.

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