Consolidating balance sheet definition updating garmin nuvi 350

Note 17 details the impact that application of the proportionate consolidation method on these entities would have had on the consolidated balance sheet and income statement.Associates are companies in which the Group is able to exercise significant influence, without having total or joint control.The Bank uses the cost method to account in its financial statements for investment in subsidiaries, jointly controlled companies and associates, as permitted by IAS 27. The accounting standards and policies and the valuation criteria applied in preparing these consolidated financial statements may differ from those used by some of the entities within the BBVA Group.

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Consolidated balance sheets rarely contain workforce-related assets.

The dividends received from other companies are recognized under the heading “Dividend income” in the accompanying consolidated income statement for the year in which the right to receive them arises (see Note 40).

The changes in fair value after the initial recognition, for reasons other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraph, are treated as described below, according to the categories of financial assets and liabilities.

Significant influence is deemed to exist when the Group owns 20% or more of the voting rights of an investee directly or indirectly.

However, certain entities in which the Group owns 20% or more of the voting rights are not included as Group associates, since the Group does not have the ability to exercise significant influence over these entities.

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