Comic nerd dating

These are the ideas you’re going to be facing on the dating market.These are the obstacles you’re going to have to overcome.The last thing you do is want to bring someone home and have her realize that you’ve decorated your apartment in wall-to-wall nerd.

You may both be Star Wars fans, but there are worlds of difference between “bought the Blu-Rays”, “own Hong Kong bootleg DVDs of the original trilogy’s theatrical releases” and “speaking fluent Mando’a, decorating your house in wall-to-wall standees, action figures, Lego sets and lightsabers”.

Collections of geeky ephemera that make episodes of Hoarders look like testaments to organization and cleanliness. You may not anyone who does in your circle of friends. When you call yourself a geek, these are the stereotypes you’re going to be facing.

It’s not fair, but it’s how the world is as it currently stands.

One man’s fandom is an obsessive collection to another woman.

One woman’s quirky collection is another man’s deal-breaker.

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