Chrome not updating mac

I actually uninstalled Chrome and installed a fresh copy: same behavior.

chrome not updating mac-62chrome not updating mac-45chrome not updating mac-32

From there, you should see the above screen or something like it.

As mentioned, if the error message keeps coming back after the Windows PC has been rebooted or shut down, it’s almost certainly because the onboard battery is dead or dying.

This can be replaced by a local tech, but another solution is to just be sure the Windows computer is connecting to the internet on boot where it can accurately set the time and date, and having that process complete before attempting to use the web.

When possible, update the Google Chrome browser to the latest version available at

This may not be possible with older hardware that is stuck on an older system software release or an older version of the browser, but new versions better explain this error message and make it a bit more obvious it’s a system clock issue, as the error message will often say “Your clock is behind” or “Your clock is ahead”, with a “Net:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID” blurb to go along with it.

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