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Before viewing your search results you must create a quick profile below. We're delighted you've discovered Christian Crush, where our mission is to provide Christian dating with integrity.We hope you enjoy your experience with Christian Crush and the many features that make us unique, including being the only Christian dating site that's actually Christian owned and operated, manually reviewing every profile, tithing 10% to local ministries, using video profiles, using personality assessments, offering two weeks free for complete profiles, and created by a Christian psychologist.By creating a Christian singles website so others can find your singles group, you will meet Christian singles and make lasting friendships with people who share your faith.

Information related to membership pricing and renewal rates can be found here.

It’s time to follow the old saying, “Find a need and fill it!

” By reaching out to other Christian singles in your area you will find that you are no longer alone.

In fact, many single adults have started their own Christian singles groups all across the country by using a Christian singles website to announce their events and meeting places.

Some of these websites are connected to a local church singles group while others are operated independently as an outreach to all singles in the community.

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