Chinese on line dating scams black women dating international men

I was afraid to have the police called and with my limited Chinese I couldn't express my confusion.

Maybe I was being paranoid, but I don't care, the girl wasn't the same girl in her profile pictures, she was unattractive and I felt like she was untrustworthy. TL; DR: met a girl on Jiayuan got a 4,000 RMB bill for some snacks, coffee and tea.Second she showed up with a friend who I don't know why but she gave my a bad feeling, I immediately didn't trust the woman.I told them I want to eat Hotpot because I usually eat alone and I don't get the opportunity to eat it much, I wanted to take them to a really good hotpot restaurant right next to the mall where we met up, and they refused.Met another girl from Tantan got a bad feeling, trusted my instincts and ran away.This scam is nothing new and it happens to Chinese men too.

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