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This relied on specific OSWORD &7F DFS opcodes in the Intel 8271 floppy-disk controller to directly access the disk, and produce a non-standard sector/track-layout.This causes issues for legitimate customers that use the Western Digital 1770 disk-controller (DFS) ROMs from third-party manufacturers such as Watford Electronics.Another novelty was the inclusion of The Dark Wheel, a novella by Robert Holdstock which gave players insight into the moral and legal codes to which they might aspire.The game was followed by the sequels Frontier: Elite II in 1993, military missions, bounty hunting and asteroid mining.

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As the interrupted jump uses the full journey's fuel, the player may have insufficient fuel to subsequently jump to a nearby planet, trapping them in witch-space and they must use an escape capsule if owned, or abort the game and reload.The Elite universe contains eight galaxies, each with 256 planets to explore.Due to the limited capabilities of 8-bit computers, these worlds are procedurally generated.There are a number of poorly located systems that can be reached only by galactic hyperspace— these are more than 7 light years from their nearest neighbour, thus trapping the traveller.Braben and Bell also checked that none of the system names were profane - removing an entire galaxy after finding a planet named "Arse".

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