Chat erotica per kinect

Instead, the two participants in are turned into hazes of flesh-colored dots arranged into skeletal polygons set against a pitch-black background.

They’re ghostly forms in a world more digital than physical.

“I wanted the gestures, movements, and the relationship between the two people to be as real as possible,” the artist wrote to me in an email.

is undeniably sexy, just not in a normal sense of the word.

The machine projects a known geometric pattern in infrared light on to the area it’s scanning and detects how the pattern deforms when hitting objects in space, calculating depth and distance through a triangulation process in conjunction with a normal camera.

The Kinect information is mixed with footage from a normal digital camera that provides the colors visible in the end product.

What makes the piece even more interesting is that one of the people in the video is actually the artist and the co-star his girlfriend.

She was initially hesitant to be on camera, as might be expected when one is planning to turn a homemade sex tape into an art project and publish it online.

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