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By working with the FVPC, we are able to educate our members about the problem of domestic violence and support an organization that can be transformational in women’s lives.

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Each month, Aveda Institute Chapel Hill (AICH) partners with an organization that comprises of at least one or all of the following qualities: local (city, county, university or state) connection; supports health, wellness or the community; improves the quality of the environment.

Alpha Chi Omega has been very involved with FVPC for the past two years, though their firm commitment to domestic violence prevention goes back much further.

They were key actors in last year’s Lunafest fundraiser and are currently gearing up for their annual AXO and ATO Golf Tournament, the proceeds of which will go to FVPC.

The moment ended a decades-long battle to remove the Confederate monument, which was erected in 1913 to honor the university alumni who fought in the Civil War, from UNC’s campus.

It also marked a tense moment in a growing movement to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces in the South, based on their inherent support of slavery.

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