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Button definition BUY Movie data file BV1 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 1BV2 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 2BV3 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 3BV4 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 4BV5 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 5BV6 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 6BV7 Wordperfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 7BV8 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 8BV9 Word Perfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 9BW SGI Black and White image file BW Silicon Graphics Raw red,green and blue bytes file BWB Visual Baler Spreadsheet application BWR Kermit Beware buglist BWV Business Wave file BYU BYU Movie BZ Bzip compressed file (Inix)BZ2 Bzip compressed file (Unix) (replaces Bz)B1N 1st Reader Mono and color binary screen image B30 ABC Ventura publisher printer font B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file B8 Raw graphic file (Piclab Plane II)B_W Atari/Macintosh black and white graphic B&W Atari/Macintosh black and white graphic B&W 1st Reader Mono binary screen image C C code C Site configuration for Secure Remote (Check Point VPN)CA Telnet Server Initial cache data file CAB m*cro$oft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)CAC d Base IV Executable file CAD Softdesk Drafix Cad file CAG Catalog file (m*cro$oft Clip Gallery v.

2.x,3.x,4.x)CAL CALS Compressed Bitmap CAL Super Calc 4/5 Spreadsheet CAL Calendar schedule data file CAM Casio camera file CAN Navigator Fax CAP Ventura Publisher Caption CAP Compressed music file CAP Telix Session Capture file CAR At Home assistant file CAS Comma-delimited ASCII file CAT Quicken Intelli Charge categorization file CAT d Base Catalogue file CB m*cro$oft clean boot file CBC Cubi Calc Fuzzy Logic System file CBI Column binary file (used in IBM mainframe systems)CBL Cobol Source code CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap CBT Generic Computer based training file CC Visual d BASE custom class file CC C Source code CCA cc:mail archive file CCB Visual Basic Animated Button configuration file CCC Curtain Call Native bitmap graphic CCE Data file (Calendar Creator Plus)CCF Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2CCF Symphony Communications Configuration file CCH Corel Chart CCL Intalk Communication Command Language CCM Lotus CC: Mail "box" file (for example, INBOX.

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LV)DTP Text Document (Timeworks Publisher 3.x)DTP Template file (Pressworks)DUN M*cro$oft Dial-up Networking Export file DUP Duplicate Backup DV Digital video (MIME)DVC Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)DVF Graphics file associated with camcorders (DV Studio)DVI Binary file (Te X)DVI Device Independent Document (Te X) (La Te X)DVP Desqview Program information (DESQview)DVP Device parameter file (Auto CAD)DW2 Drawing file (Design CAD for Windows)DWC Compressed Archive (DWC)DWD Diamond Ware digitized file DWF Vector graphic (Autodesk)DWF Drawing Web file (M*cro$oft WHIP auto CAD reader)DWG Auto CAD Drawing DWG Auto CAD drawing, or older Generic CAD drawing file DWP Document file (De Scribe)DWS Workspace file (Dyadic)DX Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data exchange file DXF Drawing Interchange (e Xchange) format,a text representation of the binary DWG format DXF Drawing Interchange Format (Auto CAD)DXF Data Exchange File DXN Fax document (Fujitsu dex Net)DXR Macromedia Director protected (not editable) movie file DYN Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)D2D 2D/3D object file (3-D Fassade Plus)D64 Commodore 64 emulator disk image e00 Exchange file (Arc/Info)EBJ Error Checking Object file (Geoworks)ED5 EDMICS image ED6 EDMICS image EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image EDB ROOTS3 Geneological data file EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image EDD Element Definition document (Frame Maker SGML documents)EDK Ensoniq KT disk image EDQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image EDT Default settings (VAX Edt editor)EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image EEB Button Bar for Equation editor (Word Perfect for Windows)EFA Ensoniq ASR file EFE Ensoniq EPS file EFK Ensoniq KT file EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file EFS Ensoniq SQ80 file EFT High Resolution Screen Font (Chi Writer)EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD file EFX Fax Document (Everex EFax)EFX Fax document (Efax Reader)EGA EGA Display font (Ventura Publisher)EL Lisp Source code (e Macs)ELC e Mac Lisp Source code (byte-compiled)ELM Theme-Pack file for (M*cro$oft Front Page)ELT Event List Text file (Prosa)EMB Embedded bank File (Everest)EMD ABT Extended Mo Dule EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile EML M*cro$oft Outlook Express mail message (MIME RFC 822)EMS Enhanced Menu System Configuration file (PC Tools)EMU Terminal Emulation Data file (BITCOM)ENC Music file (Encore)ENC Video file ENC Encoded file (UUENCODEd File, Lotus 1-2-3)END Arrow-Head Definition Table (Corel Draw)ENFF Neutral Format ENG Dictionary Engine file (Sprint)ENG Chart Graphics file (Ener Graphics)ENV Enveloper Macro (WOPR)ENV Environment file (Word Perfect for Windows)EPD Publication file (Express Publisher)EPHTML Enhanced Perl-parsed HTMLEPI Document file (Express Publisher)EPS Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)EPS Printer font (Epson, Xerox, Ventura Publisher)EPS2 Adobe Level II Encapsulated Postscript EPS Encapsulated Postscript image file EPSF Encapsulated Post Script EPSI Adobe Encapsulated Postscript Interchange EQN Equation file (Word Perfect for Windows)ER1 ERWin file ERD Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file (Prosa)ERM Entity Relationship Diagram Model file (Prosa)ERR Stores the error messages that result when the Robo HELP Help Compiler attempts to compile the source files of a Help system ERR Compilation error file (M*cro$oft Visual Fox Pro)ERX ERWin file ESH Extended Shell Batch file (DOS)ESL Distributable support library file (M*cro$oft Visual Fox Pro)ESPS ESPS audio file ETH Document file (Ethnograph 3.x)ETX Structure Enhanced text (Set Text)EUI Ensoniq ESP family compacted disk image EVT Event Log (M*cro$oft Windows NT, 2000)EVY Document (Word Perfect for Windows Envoy)EWD Text Document (Express Publisher for Windows)EWL M*cro$oft Encarta document EXT2 Second extended file system (Linux)EXT3 Third extended file system (Linux)EX3 Device Driver file (Harvard Graphics 3.x)EXC M*cro$oft Word Exclusion Dictionary file EXC Source Code file (Rexx VM/CMS)EXC Exclude file for Optimize (do not process, QEMM)EXE Executable file (program)EXP Saved chat (ICQ)EXT ASCII binary transfer file (WS_FTP PRO) (IPSWITCH Software)EZP Compressed file ( (Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility)E00 Coverage export file (Arc Info) F FORTRAN file F Compressed file archive (FREEZE)FAC Face graphic FAQ Frequently Asked Questions document FAR Music module (MOD) (Farandole Composer)FAS Basic module file (3-D Fassade Plus)FAV Navigation bar (M*cro$oft Outlook)FAX FAX Type image FBK Backup (Navison Financials)FC Spell Check dictionary file (Harvard Graphics)FCD Virtual CD-ROM file FCM Binary file patch (Forward Compression)FD Declaration file (FORTRAN)FD Field offsets for compiler (Data Flex)FDB Database (Navison Financials)FDF Forms Document (Adobe Acrobat)FDW Document form (F3 Design and Mapping)FEB Button Bar for Figure Editor (Word Perfect for Windows)FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh FF Outline Font description (AGFA Compu Graphics)FFA MS find fast file FFF Fax document (def Fax)FFF GUS Pn P bank file FFL MS fast find file FFL Image file (Print Master Gold)FFO MS fast find file FFT Final Form Text (part of IBM's DCA)FFX MS fast find file FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 drawing (Vector graphic)FH4 Aldus Freehand 4 drawing (Vector graphic)FI File Interface (FORTRAN)FIF Fractal Image FIG REND386/AVRIL file FIL File template (Application Generator)FIL File List Object (d Base Application Generator)FIL Overlay (Word Perfect for Windows)FIN Print formatted text (Perfect Writer)FIT Graphic (FITS)FIT File index table (M*cro$oft Windows NT)FITS CCD camera image FITS Flexible Image Transport System file FIX Patch file (Generic)FKY Macro (M*cro$oft Fox Pro)FLA Movie (Macromedia Flash)FLB Format library (Papyrus)FLC FLIC animation (Auto Desk)FLD File folder (Charisma)FLD Field define module file (3-D Fassade Plus)FLF Delived form (Corel Paradox)FLF License (Navison Financials)FLI FLIC animation (Auto Desk)FLI Font library (Em Te X)FLF Driver (OS/2)FLL Distributable dynamic link library (DLL) (M*cro$oft Visual Fox Pro)FLM Film Roll (Auto CAD)FLO Flow Charter file (Micro Grafx)FLS Filelist document (Farrukh Imposition Publisher)FLT Graphics filter (M*cro$oft)FLT Filter (Corel)FLT Filter (Micrografx Picture Publisher)FLT Graphics filter support file (Asymetrix Tool Book)FLT Music module (MOD) (Star Trekker)FLT Open Flight file (Mulit Gen)FLX Compiled binary file (Data Flex)FM Spreadsheet (File Maker Pro)FM Frame Maker Document (Adobe)FM1 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, version 2.x)FM3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics, version 3.0)FM3 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, version 3.x)FMB Binary source code for form, (Oracle, v4.x and later)FMB File Manager button bar (Word Perfect for Windows)FMF Font or Icon (IBM Link Way)FMK Make File (FORTRAN Power Station)FML Mirror list (Oracle)FMO Compiled format (d Base IV)FMP Document file (File Maker Pro)FMT Text format for form file (Oracle, v4.x and later)FMT Print file (M*cro$oft Schedule )FMT Style sheet (Sprint)FMT Csreen format file (M*cro$oft Visual Fox Pro)FMX Executable form, (Oracle,v4.x and later)FN3 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(Macintosh)FRM Form (Generic)FRM Document (Frame Maker or Frame Builder)FRM Executable file (Oracle,v3.0 and earlier)FRM Form (Visual Basic)FRM Merge form (Word Perfect for Windows)FRM Symbol Report (Data CAD)FRO Compiled report (d Base IV)FRP Form (Per Form PRO Plus)FRS Screen Font Resource (Word Perfect for Windows)FRT Report menu (Fox Pro)FRX Form stash file (Visual Basic)FRX Report (M*cro$oft Fox Pro)FSF f Print Audit Tool FSL Paradox 7 form (Borderland)FSL Form (Paradox for Windows)FSL Saved form (Corel Paradox)FSM Sample file (Farandoyle)FST Linkable program (d BFast)FSX Data (Lotus 1-2-3)FT Full text index (Lotus Notes)FTB Index file (Roots3)FTF Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Client to Server)FTG Help system full-text search group file (M*cro$oft Windows)FTM Font (Micro Grafx)FTP File transfer protocol (Internet Generic)FTS Help system full-text search index (Windows)FTW Document file (Family Tree Maker)FW Database (Framework II)FW2 Database (Framework II)FW3 Database (Framework III)FW4 Database (Framework IV)FWB Data file backup for file splitting configuration (File Wrangler)FWS Data file for file splitting configuration (File Wrangler)FX On-Line guide (Fast Lynx)FXD Phonebook (FAXit)FXP Compiled source code (Fox Pro)FXS Fax Transmit graphic (Win Fax)FZB Bank dump file (Casio FZ-1)FZF Full dump file (Casio FZ-1)FZV Voice dump file (Casio FZ-1)F01 Fax document (Perfect Fax)F06 Dos screen text font (height= 6 pixels)F07 Dos screen text font (height= 7 pixels)F08 Dos screen text font (height= 8 pixels)F09 Dos screen text font (height= 9 pixels)F10 Dos screen text font (height= 10 pixels)F11 Dos screen text font (height= 11 pixels)F12 Dos screen text font (height= 12 pixels)F13 Dos screen text font (height= 13 pixels)F14 Dos screen text font (height= 14 pixels)F15 Dos screen text font (height= 15 pixels)F16 Dos screen text font (height= 16 pixels)F2R Linear music module (Farandole)F3R Blocked music module (Farandole)F77 Source code file (FORTRAN 77)F90 FORTRAN file F96 Fax document (Frecom FAX96) G Data chart (APPLAUSE)GAL Album (Corel Multimedia Manager)GAM Fax document (Gamma Fax)GB Emulator ROM image file (Nintendo Game Boy)GBC Color emulator ROM image file (Nintendo Game Boy)GBL Global definitions (VAXTPU Editor)GC1 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)GC3 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)GCD Generic ™ CADD drawing (later versions)GCP Image processing file (Ground Control Point)GDB Database file (Inter Base)GDF Dictionary file (GEOS)GDM Bells, whistles, and sound boards module GED Genealogical data (GEDCOM)GED Graphic Environment Document (drawing)GED Graphics editor native format (Arts & Letters)GED Graphics editor file (Ener Graphics)GEM Metafile (GEM)GEM Vector graphics (Ventura Publisher)GEN Generated text (Ventura Publisher)GEN Compiled template (d Base Application Generator)GEO Geode (Geoworks)Get Right Unfinished-Download (Get Right)GFB Compressed gif image (GIFBLAST)GFC Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart GFI Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)GFT Font (Neo Paint)GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation GIB Chart (Graph-in-the-Box)GID Windows 95 global index (containing help status)GIF Bitmap (Compu Serve)GIM Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)GIW Presentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)GIX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)GKH Ensoniq EPS family disk image GKS Grip Key document (Gravis)GL Animation file (GRASP graphical System for Presentation)GLM Datafile (Glim)GLS Datafile (Across)GLY Glossary (m*cro$oft Word)GMF CGM Graphics (APPLAUSE)GMP Tile map (Geomorph) (SPX)GMR Graphical monitor record (Schlafhorst Automation)GNA Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)GNO Genealogy document file (Genopro)GNT Generated executable code (Micro Focus)GNX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)GOC Goc sorce code (Geoworks)GOH Goc header (Geoworks)GP Geode parameter file (Geoworks Glue)GPH Graph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)GPK Program package (Omnigo)GPP Graph paper application file (Graph Pap) (Generates graph paper)GR2 Screen driver (m*cro$oft Windows 3.x)GRA Graph (m*cro$oft)GRA Datafile (Sigma Plot)GRB Shell Monitor (MS-DOS v5.0)GRD Image processing grid (CHIPS)GRF Grapher (Golden Software) graph GRF Graph (Charisma Graph Plus)GRP Program Manager Group (m*cro$oft)GRP Pictures group (Pix Base)GRY Raw graphic (GREY)GS1 Presentation (Graph Show)GSD Vector graphic (Professional Draw)GSM Audio stream Raw GSM (6.10 audio stream)GSM Audio stream Raw 'byte aligned (GSM 6.10 audio stream)GSM GSM w.o.header/Voice Guide/Rapid Comm file (US Robotics voice modems)GSM GSM w.

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