Can a teacher be fired for dating a former student

KAMLOOPS (NEWS 1130) — An elementary school teacher near Kamloops had his teaching licence stripped after he sent inappropriate texts to his former students.According to the BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, former elementary school teacher Bryan Cederholm repeatedly texted female students, one as young as 12-years-old. Anytime we turn up in the news, it’s for something bad. But we have to acknowledge that there’s nothing inherently wrong with dating someone you used to teach. It wasn’t about some lecherous professor trying to get laid, or taking advantage of their authority. In the end, there’s nothing wrong with finding a teacher attractive. They land cushy jobs as consultants and TV pundits. A publicly shamed teacher might wind up in a van down by the river. Besides, I’ve never met anyone in my classes that warranted the risk. I’ve never considered any of my students dating material. I’ve wondered why sex and education have such an odd relationship. During the day, we’re tasked with educating young adults about the world. Unless I post a full nude selfie on my faculty profile page, or sext undergrads on the weekends, then I’m probably not the source of corruption that politicians would have the public believe. He was told to stop having inappropriate contact with students as far back as early 2016, according to a decision by the commissioner. The first incidents date back to 2016 when Cederholm sent inappropriate texts to former students, and connected with them on social media.

We’re talking about legal issues, ethics, and HR policy.

Teachers face all kinds of risks when they’re not dancing in music videos. That happened to one teacher who posted “too many” workout photos. Every day, some teacher gets in trouble because students dig into their smartphones looking for nudes. Executive producers can make a killing off the trope of sexy teacher. A male student joked about giving her a spanking, and setting a sterner curfew. We’re paid squat, but half the country thinks we should be carrying firearms to protect their kids. Sometimes, I’ll share just enough to make myself look normal. And if any of them do stumble across my profile, they’d better not bring it up in class.

A friend of mine didn’t think anything about her flirty students. One day, she showed up eight minutes late for class. And if I don’t care about those things, and keep the focus on their future, it’ll show. Double standard or not, we live in a culture that shoulders unfair levels of responsibility on educators. I don’t tell them anything along the lines of what appears on my blog.

One guy even created a fake account to give himself one. Pop culture and entertainment still celebrate the sexy teacher.

In grad school, most TAs would’ve killed for a chili pepper on their Rate My Professor page.

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