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As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 3,779. Until 1869 and the coming of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Main Line, the town, located in the old Welsh Tract, was known as Crankyville.

The town was known as Humphreysville from 1800 to 1869 according to the Lower Marion Historical Society.

BMC has the most supportive and friendly environment, HOWEVER, it's also a stifling bubble; ethnically diverse, but socially NOT AT ALL. The consortium doesn't expand your social circle, unless you already know ppl there. Most colleges will never give you the liberties and perks you get from Bryn Mawr.

just west of Philadelphia along Lancaster Avenue (US-30) and the border with Delaware County.

Bryn Mawr College would be great if the administration cared more about its students.

It's a small college but I noticed that we have the second lowest graduation rate out of all the seven sisters (first is Mount Holyoke). A lot of people worry about dating when going here, but I honestly don't think it's a problem regardless of your sexual orientation.

The campus is beautiful and the faculty and staff are unbelievably helpful and kind. That being said, if you fit in, you will be very happy.

The student body gives off the vibe that everyone is angry and this is often reinforced by the administration. Bryn Mawr isnt perfect, but there are a lot of benefits. It gets a lil tiring but I love what I'm studying (I'm a Cities major) and I've made some great friends and had some great experiences.

When the gift was first announced, Schneider joined with Eric Pumroy and English Professor Kate Thomas to take a look at the collection in situ.

What they encountered read like a scene from a Victorian children’s book.“We walked into this beautiful Georgian house and it was full—from basement to rafters, and stacked all up the curving staircases—with the most unbelievable collection of children’s literature imaginable,” says Schneider.

There are also areas not in the census-designated place but which have "Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania" postal addresses located in Radnor and Haverford Townships in Delaware County.

Bryn Mawr is located toward the center of what is known as the Main Line, a group of affluent Philadelphia suburban villages stretching from the city limits to Malvern.

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