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For most bands, life is cyclical: write an album, release an album, tour an album and repeat.

It’s an existence that balances the twin thrills of creativity and playing live with countless hours confined to tour-bus bunks or cramped plane seats, where you can do little but hope that your flight case meets you at the other end.

Anything that’s kind of meditative, when you’ve got your head down, is where I was at my best in some ways.

It was the time in between that was really awful.” Aubert’s assessment of his process remaining unchanged is largely backed up by the finished product⁠ – despite its assorted shifts in focus, , for example, takes flight as Aubert’s chorus fends off Lester’s ominous keyboard riff, which is a reassuringly familiar dynamic.

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Check them all out below, followed by the "It Doesn't Matter Why" video again. In a previous press release Monninger had this to say about working with Vig: "He really listens to each band member, and he puts a great value on each individual, and what they can add to the music. He's such an easygoing person, and he put everybody at ease." It's been four years since the band's last album.Following the release of their fourth studio album, , in 2015, Los Angeles alt-rockers Silversun Pickups leaned into the end of this cycle and hit the road for a particularly long bout of touring, leaving them burned out on the carousel by its end.When it came time to head home, they were more than ready.The album's success led to the band being nominated for a Best New Artist prize at the 2010 Grammy Awards, which became a subject of angry and bemused conversation among the group's fans, given that Silversun Pickups were far from newcomers by then.May 2012 brought another studio set, Neck of the Woods (produced by Jacknife Lee), and their highest chart showing to date, peaking at number six on the Billboard 200.

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