Brendan fehr and majandra delfino dating

Following the show’s finale, he moved on to films, starring alongside his former Buffy co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 2004 horror The Grudge.

Behr’s career continued onward with various roles in horror-thriller films including Skinwalkers and The Tatooist.

Due to his tough background, he gets himself in trouble and doesn’t really try to succeed in school despite his hidden intelligence.

However, his sweet side finally comes out after he falls in love with human Maria De Luca – who becomes his on-again, off-again girlfriend throughout the series.

Max has many powers, including the use of force field, soul projection, and the ability to restore someone to full health.

However, since then, it seems as if the actor has retired from the industry.After Roswell came to an end, she was quick to get cast in a string of roles in film and television including the 2002 blockbuster horror, Swimfan.She also had recurring gigs in popular series such as the ABC drama Six Degrees, the famed NBC medical-drama ER, and a short-lived CW series called Life Unexpected.Appleby now is a mother-of-two with her celebrity chef husband, Jon Shook.Jason Behr portrayed Max Evans, the intense, brooding alien-hybrid heartthrob who is madly in love with Liz.

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