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Patterns of one-on-one intimacy between members of the opposite sex cultivate the kind of intimacy that leads to romance. ” If your attitude about your intimacy is relaxed, it is likely set to blaze.

It’s common for single people to be demonized as the “temptresses” or the “bait,” while the married folk are just the victims of preying mistresses (or misters).

Since any godly male-female friendship will be friendship between two disciples of Christ, the first step in building that friendship is to “count the cost, whether [you have] enough to complete it” (Luke ). Male-female friendship always brings the possibility for awkwardness, for conflict, for heartache. Whether we’re the desiring or the desired, let’s be honest with ourselves: do we both want the same thing from this friendship?

“‘All things are lawful,’ but not all things are helpful” (1 Corinthians ).

What is good for some is not profitable for all — and may be harmful.

Let’s be honest about intentions: why are we really compelled to build and invest in this friendship?

Is it because we like the attention we get from the other person that we can’t get from a spouse or from prospective spouses?

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