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She’ll feel your insecurity and she’ll want to get away without knowing exactly why. It’s actually impossible to feel a negative emotion, even if it’s a fake smile. If you stand confidently, you can no longer feel nervous. They literally won’t be able to hear a word you say until they have sized you up.But if she feels your relaxed confidence and great mood, she’ll want to stick around to feel more of those wonderful feelings. Anytime you’re wondering how to sit or stand or walk, think, “What would I do if I were feeling relaxed and comfortable? Now think of a traumatic experience while you’re smiling. On the other hand, if you feel confident and you change your body posture to look insecure, suddenly you’ll feel insecure. Meaning your shoulders shouldn’t be square or symmetric but comfortably asymmetric. If you allow them that second to see you, they’re more likely to pay attention to what you’re about to say.He conducted his study in 1967, and published articles in two journals, “Journal of Consulting Psychology” and “British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.” What he was referring to was communicating feelings and attitude, not content.Words do communicate content better than body language.You can actually make the words MEAN completely different things, whether you say it in an angry tone, or in a tone that objectifies her or in a joking tone or with complete sincerity. Words have the magic of creating a world, a reality, and a frame of mind. But words are more important when communicating content.She’ll feel whatever emotion lies behind the words and feel either drawn to it or turned off by it. When communicating the feeling inside, the body communicates this far more powerfully.This sheds light on how to think about body language.Body language isn’t just a set of gestures, facial expressions, and voice tones. For example, make the “OK” sign in North America and it means “OK,” but in Turkey it means “gay man,” in France “worthless,” and in Japan “money.” Or, in Saudi Arabia, men hold hands to show mutual respect, but in North America, that’s a sign of homosexuality.

Likewise, a woman will feel the feeling you’re reflecting in your body in hers. But if you’re smiling, being friendly, and adding value, people usually don’t mind. Give them a second to size you up before you open your mouth.For example, the words a professor uses to deliver a lecture are important, that’s how a student learns content.But a student gets a sense of how the professor feels about the content through his voice tone and non-verbal behavior.Later studies by other professors did away with tape recordings and photographs and included body posture and gestures.When body gestures were added with facial expressions as non-verbal behavior, the studies verified even further the importance of non-verbal cues.

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