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I'm way over qualified for that." Why wasn't she taking her arm off my shoulder? "Sounds brilliant." "You'll take Nasrin's office, the one next to mine. They all had two complete sets of reproductive organs.

"There is an option you might consider." Nothing in her voice hinted she was offended or that she considered what had just happened and my response as being odd. His job will be to take care of office utilities, for myself, the CFO and our mutual staff." "What kind of a job is that? I Googled all through the afternoon searching data about hermaphrodites. Thirty six years ago an introduction of a new drug called Venatritol was supposed to herald a new era of safe pregnancy.

Chapter 1 "She's smoking hot." "You're a perv." I said.

His face had that grin which made him look like Odie on weed. She looks like Jasmine Bleeth on a hot Babe Watch episode." "You're nuts.

Each time she moved, her smell came to my nostrils. Underneath she had a white blouse with a low neckline. She had a purple rose tattooed between the fellow mounds. I raised my eyes in alarm and, holy crap, she caught me.

"One, flat." "Ok." ** I was fuming when I reached her office. It only emphasized just how much taller than me she was. An introduction conversation sort of thing." "Oh, I was on the east coast. Wow, it sure is hot in here." She took off her jacket. If you don't mind, this raises an issue which I would like to discuss." "Go ahead." "Well, Chin, before he left, promised I'd get a 20 percent raise by July.

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