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He is one of the most popular characters from the BBC Scotland sketch show.Titled My B***** Life, the show reveloves around the life story of the man nicknamed Burnistoun’s favourite son. It comes a year after he and co-star Iain Connell brought their first live stage show to the City of Discovery.And if you are in a daring mood, it can come with pepperoni. It also takes 30 minutes from order to table — unless you are buying it by the slice, that is.Well, the Nanuet Hotel is a seedy bar and grill in a tiny, decaying town just north of the New York/New Jersey boundary.“This is great,” Peter Boyle tells another aging customer.

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It can be dusted with some grated Parmesan and sprinkled with some ground hot pepper.

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Uncles – also performed at the Gardyne last March – saw the pair take a break from the often bizarre goings-on of Burnistoun to a more laid-back setting.

The play debuted to much acclaim at the 2016 Glasgow International Comedy Festival. It was following that success that Florence decided to take a punt on a solo show for Biscuity Boyle.

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