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Now James decides to marry and Kendall is left with a broken heart. James ends up telling him half of the story since he's too busy with his blonde beauty. Kendall Knight is 27 with a 16 year old son,he's been called a whore since he was 11 & misjudged by everyone,but then he meets Logan Mitchell,his son's sweet English Teacher and his whole life is suddenly changing. Jarlos On a Caribbean cruise, eighteen-year-old Kendall Knight's to-do list includes having a one night stand, but when his wealthy new stepfather introduces his gorgeous godson as his traveling buddy, things become complicated. Only problem is Kendall is terrified of horses due to a dark past full of them. Kendall's the loser drama geek that's invisible to everyone unless he's acting/singing, Logan's the hot, man slut, popular hockey captain, where will a night of drunken sex lead them? Kogan, Jarlos, minor Kendall/OC and Logan/OCKendall Knight has been used,raped,beaten,and he cant trust anyone and has never loved, but will all that change when gang leader Logan Mitchell enters his life? But one day he's noticed by Dak Zevon who invites him to his party,but there he hooks up Logan Mitchell, Carlos Garcia,and James Diamond. For the better or for the worst Kendall doesn't know. [established relationship/future fic/exhibitionism]When Stiles told him he was a cabaret performer he certainly wasn't expecting this, and now Derek doesn't know what to do with himself. Once James confronts Logan about watching him and Kendall Logan freaks out but James and Kendall don't really seem to mind at all. Each message leads him somewhere new, until Kendall's left standing outside the one place he never thought he'd be. But all that changed in a heartbeat with one simple look. FINAL CHAPTERWhile James is leading the Greeks for the attack on Troy, his real intention is to find the one he loves in the palace. Sequel to Not Such a Vacation-Can asking a question give more information than wanted? Things are going fine,that is,until the question is asked. This leads Kendall, James and Logan to believe their friend is poisoned. When Valentines Day hit Singtown, Danny gets an unexpected suprise that leaves Cathy in tears, however, an alien arrives claiming to be Cathy's fiance', what could come of this? James is a lonely teenager, fed up with his life in a tiny dull town.Kendall Knight is the world famous pop artist that's been used all his life, Logan is his new uptight manager. Rated for Smut and Language When the lights go down in the city, you'll be right there shining bright. Rated for drugs,graphic rape,abuse,language,murder,& mentions of attempted suicide,and smut. Because Stiles is a drag queen and about the hottest person Derek has ever seen in his life. Kendall was out looking for a gift for his adoptive mom with his jackass brother and his friend one day. Kames This is an AU where the Sheriff is an Ex-Marine. Kames/Kogan/ot3-ish Ever since his father left when he was young Kendall has struggled with feelings of guilt and stupidity. AU/Slash Kames Kendall and Carlos have both been in love with their College professors for three years - Mr James Diamond and Dr Logan Mitchell. Sure, he's short but it doesn't mean he always needs someone to get things for him on higher surfaces. I really didn't give a shit that we were out in public practically dry humping each other. AU oneshot, BTR never existed and some of the guys aren't friends. Its been twenty five years since the war of the Wizarding world has happened, but what everyone doesn't know is that Voldemort had a heir, a great grandson named Logan Mitchell. Ya this story has a weird summary, I don't blame you if you don't read it. Wandering off one day leads him to a spot across a river that he's never been before, where he starts dreaming up his own fantasy world, with sunshine and adventures, wizards and dragons and a mysterious warrior prince.It was because he wasn't dreaming, he's real and he is currently sitting right in front of him with a smile he grew to love in his sleep, "J-James? Kames :3Show me, by the way you hold me, the way that you control me, speed me up or slow me... (Takes place after season two, only finishing up close to the end of November and with the Alpha Pack's arrival delayed)Stiles (am): ugh derek cmon im horny so can u knot im serious here. James Diamond was a spoiled rich kid, and...a closet poet? It takes less than a day at his new school before Kendall meets James and Logan. But how can he, when Kendall finds himself falling for the ghost of a boy named James who died long ago? This particular idea involves Derek, a puppy, and a lot of dumb dog jokes. Kenlos Mpreg HIATUSOur mouths are both open and as they make love to each other, the rain is pouring into them both, making us choke as they slide down our throats but neither of us care. Kendall Knight and Logan Mitchell were always together since pre-k so it was no surprise when the brunette finally asked the troubled blonde on a date. But when Logan finds out he'll get the shock of a lifetime. Will it be enough to save Kendall..their friendship? What happens when he meets Logan Mitchell, the school bully? Chris/Danny -Completed-There's a school dance and MBC wants to go but there's a little problem... Not only has that she caught the eye of Danny too making Cathy very jealous." "It's good to see you again, especially after all these years..." AU, Kames and Cargan. Logan works at Rush mental hospital, after two years he's moved to the upper floors where the serious long term cases are, he's the new caretaker for Kendall Knight a boy with two many problems to count, but what happens when they fall in love? But, oh no, the brunette was so far, far away from that. Oh, when I'm lonely, full of stormy weather, can you make it better? - Derek will never admit that the reason he has to buy a new phone the next day is because he accidentally claws his through as soon as he reads Stiles' texts. They were paired together to produce a musical composition in order to win a scholarship of 25,000. It takes less than 5 minutes before James punches him. AU/Slash James wasn't sure what was more anxiety inducing: the game itself, or watching it in the suite set aside for the wives and girlfriends of the Wild players while wearing the jersey of the only openly gay player in the NHL, who he was in a secret relationship with. Should he really be surprised that it blows up in his face? (Fluff, Humor, (very brief and swiftly over) Angst, (quite literal) Puppy Love)The blonde was mumbling something incoherently as he buried his face into the crook of James's neck. " "Mmm, comfortable pillow," Kendall mumbled as he snuggled closer into James's body. I love the rain and I love James, my lover, best friend and soul mate. But when newcomer Carlos Garcia steps foot into the couple's life, Kendall falls hard for the boy he had only said two words to. SLASH"And all of a sudden, he's ten again, and wondering why everything bad happens to them." He was waiting on 'Superman', but it seemed like he wasn't coming anytime soon, so he made a big mistake. Long story short, Boy meets girl, girl's Dad hates boy, girl dates boy anyway, dad finds out, dad gets mad, so does girl, boy chrashes motorcycle,girl is upset, I won't tell you what happens after that, Co. On his first night in his new town, a frightened future classmate stumbles naked into James' backyard.

Afraid of damaging their delicate newfound companionship, each is hesitant to make a move, even if they both feel the pull of attraction between them.Will Logan develope feelings for him or will it stay platonic? Why give up his nice home and nice pay with Jett just to run off with another gang?sucky summary but better inside : gimme a chance its my first fic : P it may be kinda choppy but i'll repair it later. But James is not a quitter."In the town of Sherwood, two brothers did appear, two brothers of sun and storm. If FF gets its act together with links I'll eventually put one up here. Will they be able to see each other in a new light?My stories are re-uploaded there with covers and sometimes with illustrations like in 'Sharp and Sheer'. James and Kendall form a friendship that they're both desperate to keep.

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