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En effet, pour la simple et bonne raison que l'erreur 404, convertie en chiffres romains, correspond ni plus, ni moins Isis.En chiffres romains, 404 = IVIV ( le zro ne comptant pas ) soit 1515, en d'autres termes Isis. And C ) Et Digitized by Google 32 sutbonfc and commauad the —v .. Court of Wardes and on* to deduct, wfc.«w, rrimr,6 |«4r ntrtjrt rjam, ,fcur let fiver a la /*/- tainc and keeps m b» hand© to be ptioe unto the (aide ! * Payment thcrrul t»» be made ai fuch of the faide Fealles as fliail next enfuc aid happen after the Deccafcs of the fiidr Lady Da- cha, and of the (aide Jama Duke de Lenox without Fieiic , Male ot' his Body lawfully begotten. , _ „ - bcirffi of the Rercnnues, Promts, Somme and Sommes of Mo- fimmes d as £ fut i four I W, am H&ttari & bx'ccjexrs , f'iw jwv , of U», our Heirs and Succrflor J , aniing Within the laidc * Udite loot dt Garde Nob.r , Jr let deduir e . For more than 10 years now this has been the top source for hand picked and kinky Asian sex pictures and videos.

for palling » Ferine of Cuftomes and Subh- diet to Sir John Wolftenbolme and o- then. A Warrant 10 the High Admiral and# other Officers of the Admiraltie . be- longing to the King by rofoo of the Recu Uncic of divcrle Perlons. 7 * De Cooceffione Relaxations* pro binne Co Rl UC Alliuftdaii. A Proclamation, commanding the Re- pent • t Lordc Spiritual and Tempo: , Kmghts and Gentlemen of Qua.:: ;-, their Maniiou Houles in the Couirtrc there to attend their Services , aim keep Hofpittlity „ .. A Commii Tion to confider of fcvcral gg Points for the augmenting of the Kc-. D'aatant yu'tl a pin a Dir* tout -puiffant Jr rrtrrer m fa grace 9HAFL. To the End Privy Seale , Our Principal Secre/arm , The M after of our Court tf Wards and U~ \f vents. Chafe Juftkt tf our Bench , Chiefe J* ft ice of our Court of Common Pleat , Chancellor of our Put die of La* taper , And, Secretaries of our Conn cells m Wales and the North Parts , Nta* king, and that (hall be hereafter, and to every of than, And to all others to whom thefe Pr dents (hall or may appenay- ne, Greeting. uomrou M moot voulemt & rnutront ,& per let prffitn M war give unto you full Power and Authority , that you, horn tyme to ««„ donnont plrim-pomvoir & omtborilt de fitller dt tern, tn terns, tyme, untiil wee Ihail give fonher Order as afordaid, to and for jufjott d ee out non vout ohut donut Jo muvtoux ordrot, tom mo the talcing , as wc U of thu our prdent Warrant and Commtl Uon ,1 eft du ct-defot, ou/S tkn tel O'Jrt-ri, & tm* Ce mmsifom oui to yourc lclfe, as alfoc of ail and all Manner of Write, Com- vent eft down* o vont-mtmt. jpe Commifiou Specials direda Edwards Filbert A-hliti , Comminitrioo fpcciale donnec an Chevalier Edouard Vil- li' sliit, leers , & a utres Maitrcs dc La Moflnoye. ga'autaae pou Jre quohomque , fast qu'tlb foil fait* dans be Roy ornate oa venue Jes Pan E Sr an. &W i uatre Com it V, r htrelull , It neixieme d’Avri L Per ipfinn Rcgem. D- C* ht AR LES by the Grace of God, To our right tni- ARLES, fnr la Grata 4 a D*n, Sec. It, A Olivier Vtcomfc dc Gnnddbn, Et A notrt trrt-fdelt bien-aimd Comfit, Henri Vicomtc cfe Valence, Et a not tret ft dries Cf bsrn-am/r Con ft Hen, Edouard Lord Conway, as de mot pnocipamn Setrt Urrtt d'Etat, George Lord Carew, Grand-Matin do motrt Art Ultne, Et a, foulque Lord Brooke, Et d not trh fldtiet Cr hin-mmdf, Guillaume Lord Harvey, Henri Lord Docvvra, Et a, Edouard Lord Herbert dt Caftle-Iiknd , Et a not fidiltt & b ten- ottods , Lt Chevalier Edouard Cecil , La Chevalier Horace Verc, la Ckrvaher Robert Manned, vnfn Viet- Amir si £ An glt Urre, An Chtvahtr Jon Ogle, Cr An Chevalier Thomas Button , Solti. Wee have therefore thought good to nominate a appoint a fpecbll Counceh of Wan for that pur Mfea Know yce therefore that Wee, repo'ing fpeciali trull and confi- dence in the Wddomes, experience and integrity of you (he (aide dtntr , experience ( Duke of Buckingham , fcarie of Pembroke , Vifcouiit Grand, fan , kingham, It Com/, Vsfcuvm of Valencia, Lord Canvxy. k Know yee that wee , as well in purfuancc of thr moll gra- ‘ * cious intention of our molt dccrc Lord ami Roy all Lather Kn ig *' James of blellcd Memorie, as alfo for divers other good caufes and conlideratioas us hereunto dpecially moving , of out cfpe- ctall Grace certainc Knowledge and mere motion , have given and graunccd and, by tbefa pre/i-nts, (or us our Heirs and Suc- ce llors, doc give and graunt unto our right ttullic and wclbelo- ved Cozen , James Okie of Lrnox and trie */ March , the Some of One ikoujand and pftie pomsdet of lawful!

A propos de l'actualit du jour, aujourd'hui 16 mars 2019, l'acte numro 18 ( 3 fois 6, allusion 666 ) et " comme par hasard " les serviteurs de l'Elite satanique se sont donns coeur joie en matire de violence, essentiellement sur les Champs-lyses Paris.

Ainsi, l'illustre restaurant " le Fouquet's " en a fait les frais en tant saccag, sa devanture ayant t brle (

De Warranto fpcciali Domini Regis di- redo Domino Cuftodi. 1S1 A Proclamation to deviate that all Shippi carrying Cornc 01 other Victua.s or Munition of War to or for the King of Spainc or any of his Subjcds . — ; — — J — j —" — J — ‘ r - •— difertston , dr de fane , accomphr dr exrcn Str States Its antres (kt- m Jert Ht n/reff trees ptvr la lev ft dr U concmandemeu de nos „ # J t Snjrtt, gne vou torn otnji afft-nbift & got vans tondut- fon and Peace , foe by you or either of you in Forme aford'aidc rest, on ton de vans , poor la tonftrvaiion tit notrt Per fossae dr de levied and to be ledd, and to doe execute and ule againil the la Pun ; Et de mtttn e» njagt cr t n t f Um o centre Its Ennems, Ctide Enemy* , Traytors, Rcbd Js, and fuch other like Offondors Tr nitres , Ktbt Utt dr In antres Cinfab'ei dr Unrt Adherent . as Neceflity lhall require by your Dilcre- jw vons U jngerez necejfake , la Lot anon appe/le U Droit Jet ar- twas, the La we Called Martiall Lawe . a gnerre, dr /fmargner c to* dtfdilt Coops - Martiall , And of fich Oftendors , apprenended or being brought b Us for vou sores, prit dr redans , cm ton dr vou , vou tron- in Subjection , to live whome you or either of you Ihall think verts, bon defouvtr, dr do twrr , dsimsri dr mettre a mors loos & Good to lave , and to llaye , deftroy and putt to Execution of ant asst de cevx ynt vou on Ton de vons dtwn jngrres.

* ibi Inltrudions for Our right rrufiy and right weibdoved Colin and Counsellor, Henry Earle of Hollm J , Capiaiuc of Our; Guard, and for Our right Huffy and sc'cl* Councelior Sir Du ’h y Caricton Knight, Vicccha 1 irbei I11 nc of Our Houle- bold, Oui Ambaflj Joti u i the moll Chrillian King. * *4 Dc Coneellionc Relatationis Georgia Duel Bucks. of the (aide Court of Wardes and Liveries, for giving and ma- king lull Allowance thereof from tyme to tyme a fufftcient Warrant and Dilchardge, without any further or other Warrant from Us, our Hein or Succdlbrs to be had ortobewned in that Bchalfe. And with the laide Enemys , Traytors and Rebells to F'izlit,ana Us fvjdits Ennensrs , Dartres dr Rebe/les, dr trs eisajnrr , de Unr them to invade, refill, reprels and fubduc. kill ancfputt to fake iiit de Us repovjfer dr s U Us r/dunt , Is Us User dr ds Us Execution of Death by ail Meancs arw Water by your ftide nsettre amors pm toast forte de votes dr de fe Um vosre fan J r.

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