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And I can tell you that there is research that suggests that people who met online have better relationships than people who met offline as, say, high-school sweethearts.The first group has more dating experience, they’ve had more chances to figure out where things went wrong in the past.How people are dating hasn’t changed; it’s just that people are meeting each other online rather than offline.The one thing that has really changed is the way we are presenting our relationship to the world.That really saddens me but I also think it’s part and parcel of the quest for love.One the other hand, I hear success stories from people who did find their partner online.

It’s important to talk about these things and preferably you have a huge argument.I’ve heard that a secret algorithm determines which profiles you see as a Tinder user.Does that mean Tinder doesn’t actually want you to find love?In her new book (Love in Time of Tinder) she shares what she’s discovered about how social media have changed the way we date and love. But that also increases the chance that there will be people with a fear of commitment in the pool of people you are dating.So these apps increase your dating options but they also increase your chances of getting hurt.

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