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It was clearly an established procedure for John’s conquests.” Yoko rebuffed the oversexed Beatle, but fell under his spell soon after.When they first began dating, Lennon forced Yoko to write down a list of men she’d slept with so he could pore over the names, treating each like a “mortal enemy.” He insisted that Yoko accompany him to studio sessions – a famously big no-no to the band, who had kept their studio off limits to lovers.The portrait is so damning that Yoko Ono, who contributed extensively and even convinced son Sean Lennon to speak to Norman, has panned the book as “too mean.” The fans who flocked to Strawberry Fields in Central Park on Thursday to celebrate what would have been Lennon’s 68th birthday might want to stay away from the exposé, which chronicles his callous treatment of Yoko, the physical and verbal abuse of his two sons, and his chronic infidelities.

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Lennon, whose sexual appetite was voracious, taunted Yoko between the sheets, saying, “You just lie there and think of England.” He also cheated in her presence.It was a perfect combination, that night in early 1904: a warm spring evening, a house full of the great, and a yard full of the good. Julio Lezama, accompanied by the chief of police, military surveyors, and various political functionaries.And the good: That would be the 80 or so people standing on the grass, almost the entire population of this remote valley in the Andes.Everywhere he went, he insisted she follow, even to the men’s bathroom.“People said I followed him to the men’s room, but he made me go with him,” Yoko told Norman.

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