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However, Grant himself says it’s all due to how his voice was finessed in the editing process.“I heard a lot of the singing beforehand because you work for days and days to do these recordings.

There's nothing to come out.’ And in the end, I had to rely heavily on the makeup woman bringing me what looked like a 7-Up bottle but was in fact whiskey….” The tight jeans also played a key role in Grant’s pop star transformation. I must say when I got into my costume, I thought, ‘Yeah, quite sexy.’ Especially with those high heels.” It's a curious thing. People just say, ‘Just go for it,’ and that's the hard thing.(1994), however, that brought him to the attention of the general public; he won a Golden Globe Award for best actor and was named best actor by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.Hugh Grant, one of Britain’s best-known bachelors, is set to get married for the first time.(1982), and joined the Oxford University Dramatic Society.Following graduation (1982), Grant wrote and occasionally performed in radio commercials and attempted to write a novel before turning once again to acting.

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