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We plan to put a stop to this tax avoidance scheme.

There should be no financial gain from renouncing your country.” The senators are being a bit cheesy with their wording here — defriending being Facebook parlance for ditching one of your contacts — but the point is clear: they feel that Saverin, and others like him, are turning their back on America when they avoid paying their big tax bills.

The third strategy involves either delivering previously held stock to the company or having some shares withheld to cover the exercise costs (the Company Disposition Subsample).

These “stock swap” transactions constitute about one-tenth of executive option exercises.

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In the first strategy, executives exercise options and immediately sell the shares to a third party (the “Stock Sale Subsample”).

And there is a sign that this trend is growing: in 2008 only 235 people gave up their passports. It’s ironic, and probably not a coincidence, that the rise in tax avoidance of this kind is happening just as the U. banking system is going through its own wringer and the public tide is turning against the concept of fat cats benefiting from over-bloated markets when average people are finding it hard to make ends meet.

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, I identify three common option exercise strategies, and analyze executives’ incentives for manipulating the exercise of options to maximize their payoffs under each strategy.

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