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Whenever you say “internationalize” to someone who’s worked in Unix & Linux for any amount of time, they immediately associate the program “gettext”.

In fact, gettext is so well respected that most utilities that perform similar functions are called “gettext utilities.” Apple is no exception — and while they don’t provide gettext in its entirety, you get a similar set of functions based around takes in a key, and a comment.

At runtime, your application will then go hunting in a Localizable.strings file for an appropriate value associated with this key.

Simple, elegant, and just enough functionality to get going.

The first oddity is the class-level methods available: means if your user opens your app, backgrounds it, changes their locale in settings, and then comes back, your app will start getting the new locale changes immediately.

However the language has diverged so much between the two countries that i OS & OS X have a specific selection for Portugal Portuguese.

When this language selection is chosen (with Brazil as the selected region), NSLocale’s full string representation of the locale is outputted as , to see if that was the country code we were looking for.

A quick shout out to my colleague, Dallas Gutauckis, who provided the lovely photography of the application.

Dallas wrote a similar post describing the i18n process he and his team went through on the Android application.

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