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If possible, suggest other avenues and resources they can consider, or other individuals to whom they can go for support.In the meantime, let them know of new directions you are taking which will limit the time you can devote to supporting them. You cannot easily back out of relationships and plans that you accommodated yourself into. Griffith is Associate Faculty at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs where he teaches negotiations and alternative dispute resoluti...As much as it pains you to acknowledge, perhaps you have allowed the situation to continue longer than is healthy.Your accommodating nature has served you well in many situations, but you can no longer justify your actions in this situation.

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He frequently shares how busy he is, yet appears to have time for anything that will promote his personal agenda.

Are you reluctant to propose new projects for which you know you would excel because you are not sure how you will carve time from all the work you do accommodating others?

If your accommodating nature is resulting in lost opportunities, it is time to assess your actions and adopt a different approach. Perhaps it's time to share how the support you provide others is impacting you and to suggest a different approach.

His implicit message is that you have more time and your work is less important, justifying your effort over his.

You are partly to blame since you have gone along and not addressed your concern.

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