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In Arizona, a legal separation must be granted by the courts, just like a divorce.Custody, asset division, and support issues are worked out and must be approved by the court.There is another option in Arizona which equates to a fault-based divorce.This can only take place if a couple has entered into a covenant marriage.Other reasons why an annulment may be granted include incest, bigamy, fraud or misrepresentation, force, no consummation of the marriage, or an unsound mind Divorce in Arizona is permanent and frees each spouse of all marital obligations.Assuming all requirements are met, the couple will divide assets, resolve child custody and support issues, and other related concerns, and ultimately have the courts agree to issue a final decree that legally ends all aspects of the relationship.

The more you can familiarize yourself with what these steps are, the less fear and anxiety you should have moving forward.

Under a no-fault premise, couples in Arizona who have attempted to work out their differences can simply cite an “irretrievable breakdown” as the reason for ending a marriage.

This means neither spouse is responsible for the breakdown of their marriage.

When a marriage is no longer working and one spouse moves out of the home, couples may consider themselves separated.

While this is physically the case, they are not legally separated, and there is a big difference between the two.

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